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DoubleJ specializes in meeting your photographic requirements and we take pride in the quality of the services we provide.

We can print from negative and positive films, from 35mm, 120mm and APS films to whatever size you require. We are fully equipped to handle all your digital requirements, including printing files and scanning. Our clientele are professional photographers, enthusiasts, as well as holiday and family snappers. We will produce an excellent standard of work that you will be proud of.

Please tell our specialist operators exactly what you want, and we will be sure to meet your expectations.


New Pricelist

In light of the ever changing photographic industry, some of our prices have recently changed.

For the current price list, click here. (right click and choose 'save as' to download the pdf).


What to do with your digital photos

Now that digital camera cards are generally measured in gigabytes, and the number of photographs that can accumulate are astronomical, it's important to consider how you're archiving your precious pictures.

Storing all of your photos on your camera card is extremely risky. Besides technical problems such as card failure or an accidental wiping, the possibility of having your camera stolen is definitely a factor worth thinking about. Insurance will only go so far; it won't replace the memories contained in your photos.

Backing up your digital files on CDs or DVDs is a sensible move, and something that we can assist you with should you so desire, but even they can be problematic. Discs are fragile things and don't require much in the way of scratching before they are effectively useless. A better method is backing up onto a dedicated hard drive.

By far the best way to backup your images is to both store them on a dedicated medium (such as a hard-drive) and have them printed on photographic paper. We can help you with all of these methods of keeping your photographs, your memories, safe.

Printing your digital photos

Don't forget that you can send us your digital photos to be printed simply by using our upload form found on this website. Just click on the button marked upload ->
This is by far the simplest method of getting your digital photographs printed; you even have the option of having them posted to you, which for those of you with busy lifestyles is no doubt beneficial!
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